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 My Day today

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PostSubject: My Day today   Fri Apr 27, 2012 4:46 pm

I love my marriage "therapist" she's actually quite awesome, Thank you VA for doing something right. Also we saw a HEMSI vehicle when we pulled in then they left. As we were waiting for Dr Stiner a lady ran inside and said her husband had passed out she needed help (he was barely on the side walk to the VA) and I heard they world Defibrillator (not good) as we were leaving an elderly lady was helping her Veteran out ... He had Parkinson's disease and could barely shuffle his feet enough to walk. Rick and another man helped him out to her car and got him loaded up as both the woman and her husband cried. I was talking to a lady inside who said that they were next to an Ambulance and fire truck when she came in. So I am assuming the little lady was the one who's husband had collapsed. God Bless that veteran with Parkinson's if he collapsed in the parking lot and she was so tiny barely strong enough to carry herself much less her veteran. She said he had gotten that bad over 3 months... So sad... A man can survive a war and god knows what else but reduced to being carried by two other men. He thanked MY husband for his service... He served us now we can serve him. I urge everyone to help a veteran today...
:bearhug: :group hug:

Also today is the first anniversary of one of the biggest natural disasters I have ever been in... I've lived through California's earth quakes, South Carolina's hurricanes even a devastatingI tornado and a blizzard but nothing still cuts to me like this.
If you don't know anything about Tornado's there have been 50 EF5 Tornado's in the past 50-60 years and over 5 of them were last year....
Here's a kinda blog on my day if you want to read about our week without power or see pictures of the scar on our landscape that is still really bad today.
Anyways sorry got off track tomorrow is minimal power because we lost our power the day after the storms (most of North Alabama did) for an entire week. We had no phone service no nothing... So we are not unplugging our fridge but I do plan on avoiding our computers, cooking indoors etc.
If you need me PM me on FB and it will send my phone a text message


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PostSubject: Re: My Day today   Sun Apr 29, 2012 9:10 pm

Hugs Bella


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My Day today
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